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How is net disposable income computed for setting child support?

According to the State of California, the primary duty of a parent is to provide financial support for his or her children. In some cases, a parent's financial obligation to the children may take precendence over the obligation to care for a child. For parents who are separated or divorced, a parent may be required to provide their children with financial support through a court-ordered child support plan.

How does the state enforce child support orders and agreements?

There are two ways that California parents may find themselves subject to the mandates of a child support plan: through their own work in the creation of a child support agreement or by order of a court. In either case a child support plan may carry the weight of judicial power once it is entered into the legal record and made binding on those a party to it. Once a plan has judicial authority it may be enforced through state-endorsed methods.

Pop star subpoenaed in child support matter

Prior posts on this California family law blog have discussed how child support arrangements may be modified in the event that the parents or children experience changes in their circumstances. For example, if a child is diagnosed with a medical condition and requires more support than they did in years past their custodial parent may petition to have the noncustodial parent contribute more to the child's care. Additionally, if a parent suffered a financial setback and became unable to pay the child support they are bound to provide they may request a modification to lower the amount they are due to provide.

My ex will not help me pay our child's medical expenses

Any unexpected medical costs can put a significant strain on the finances of a California family. In fact, a simple trip to the emergency room can cost thousands of dollars out-of-pocket if a person's insurance provider elects not to cover the basis of the sought medical treatment or if the family has not met its deductible. For a single custodial parent trying to provide their child with everything they need, the expense of an uninsured or excessive medical bill can be downright impossible to manage on their own.

Does moving out of state end a parent's child support obligation?

In this ever-changing world, Californians often move to different cities, states and countries. While some relocations are undertaken for work or relationships, others are done simply to experience new and different places. In some cases, people may choose to move to avoid being reminded of bad experiences or events. Relocation can serve as a new beginning for a person looking to make changes in their life.

When does child support end in California?

Raising a child can be an expensive undertaking, particularly here in the Bay Area. From child care costs to clothing, food to fun activities, a parent can spend a chunk of their paycheck on making sure that their child has everything they need. When a child's parents are not married, the adults may work out a child support agreement or have a court issue a child support order that dictates how much each parent must pay for the maintenance of their child.

Your children deserve financial support from both parents

A parent who receives physical custody of their child may bear significant costs to ensure that their child is properly cared for and has everything that they need to thrive. This can include purchasing food and clothing for the youth, paying a mortgage or rent to keep the child in a safe home, and making payments on a car or other form of transportation to make sure the child gets to school and everywhere else that they must go to fully live their life. When these and other costs are added up, a San Francisco parent may find that their child-rearing expenses are quite high.

Changing a child support order in California

If a San Francisco parent wants to change the amount of child support they must pay, then that parent must be able to prove that there has been a change in circumstances. This post will introduce some ways that a change in circumstance may be proven, but the information provided herein is not complete. Family law attorneys should be consulted by those who have legal questions about modifying their support orders and obligations.

How does time-sharing impact child support payments?

As Californians know, child custody and parenting plans can take on many distinctive forms. Matters related to the custody of children are driven by the needs and interests of the youths whose lives are controlled by the orders and agreements made for them. As such, it is not uncommon for a child of divorced or separated parents to spend some of their time in the custody of one parent and the rest of their time in the custody of the other.

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