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Collaboration can facilitate healthy co-parenting relationships

Ending a marriage in divorce doesn’t necessarily mean that two people will be out of each other’s lives. This is especially true when it comes to parents who divorce. In most cases, parents will continue to share legal and/or physical custody of their children during the children’s minority and share life events thereafter.

Can mediation make holiday co-parenting easier?

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the end-of-year holidays are upon us. Diwali, Hanukah, and Christmas will all be here before we know it. While this is supposed to be the happiest time of the year for the whole family, it can be particularly stressful if a divorce is happening at the same time.

Learning from the family relations mistakes of Steve Jobs

There are likely many lessons to be gleaned from the recent memoir of Steve Jobs’ daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs. Some of them are abstract, facing up to one’s past, remembering pain and working through it. Most of them are unique to Lisa’s relationship with her genius, yet famously abrasive father.

What should be included in a parenting plan in California?

Children in California whose parents are no longer in a relationship benefit when their parents can work together to create customized and workable parenting plans. Psychological research shows that children are deeply affected by conflict between their parents, whether the parents are together or not. The best way to protect your children from the harmful effects of divorce is to do whatever you can to reduce conflict between you and the other parent.

The age of a child and its role in custody matters

When actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt ended their marriage, Californians watched closely to see what would happen to their wealth, their careers and their children. While Jolie apparently retained custody of their kids in the following months, Pitt continued to play a role in the children's lives. Recently, though, a court has ruled that changes must be made to the structure of the former couple's custody plan to ensure that the kids continue to have a relationship with their dad.

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