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Why collaborative law can be a cost- and time-effective option

If a San Francisco resident has any experience with the traditional courtroom process of seeking a divorce, then they probably know that it can be a lengthy experience. It can take many months or even years for a couple to litigate the many issues that must be resolved in order to bring a marriage to its end. Litigated divorce can, in some circumstances, make contentious relationships even more disagreeable.

However, litigated divorce is not the only option that Californians have to end their legal relationships. They may use party-driven options like collaborative law to divorce. This choice eliminates some of the waiting that goes with litigating the terms of a marital dissolution. This is because in collaborative divorces the parties work together to establish settlements for their property, custody and support needs.

Working together is not always easy for individuals who do not want to be married to each other, but it can result in positive outcomes for those who can manage it. They may find that they have spent less money on their divorces by taking control of the important details on their own rather than fighting over everything in the court system, where the outcome is uncertain at best.

Parties who successfully complete collaborative divorces also tend to experience more satisfaction with their divorces than those who litigate. This is partly due to the fact that it is the parties, not the courts, who have had the final say in how their post-divorce lives will take shape.

Collaborative divorce will not be an option for all parties. It is, however, a more humane process than adversarial litigation, espcailly for individuals who can work with their ex to come to an agreement and achieve balance in the outcome of their divorce.

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