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April 2018 Archives

Does moving out of state end a parent's child support obligation?

In this ever-changing world, Californians often move to different cities, states and countries. While some relocations are undertaken for work or relationships, others are done simply to experience new and different places. In some cases, people may choose to move to avoid being reminded of bad experiences or events. Relocation can serve as a new beginning for a person looking to make changes in their life.

When does child support end in California?

Raising a child can be an expensive undertaking, particularly here in the Bay Area. From child care costs to clothing, food to fun activities, a parent can spend a chunk of their paycheck on making sure that their child has everything they need. When a child's parents are not married, the adults may work out a child support agreement or have a court issue a child support order that dictates how much each parent must pay for the maintenance of their child.

When do I need a premarital (or prenuptial) agreement?

Premarital or prenuptial agreements are contracts that individuals can make prior to getting married, which are intended to define the financial relationship between the spouses both during the marriage, and when the marriage ends, whether by death or by divorce.  If a couple doesn't have a premarital agreement, the terms of their financial "partnership" will be defined by the laws of the state or country where they live.  Different states have different rules about what happens with respect to divison of property, and financial support, in the event the marriage ends by death or divorce.  Without an agreement,  the rules can change just by moving to a different state or country. 

How to help your children adapt to a post-divorce lifestyle

Parenting is often a rewarding, adventurous experience although, in most cases, not without its challenges. Various life circumstances and extenuating factors may greatly affect your ability to parent well. Like most good parents in California or elsewhere, you always have your kids' best interests in mind. Some situations require special focus and attention, such as breaking the news to your children that you plan to divorce.  

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