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December 2017 Archives

Staying out of divorce court

People often hear about divorces when the issues become highly contentious and acrimonious. All throughout California readers of this San Francisco-based family law blog may have personal experience or know individuals who have had to fight to get what they wanted when their marriage came to its end. Contested divorces are challenging on everyone involved, including the parties to the proceedings and any children that they may share.

How is child custody decided in California?

For parents going through a divorce, there is a fear they will lose some of their relationship with their children as time becomes divided between parents. They may be especially worried that they may not receive custody of their child. How are custody decisions made in California, and how do they affect the children's relationships with their parents?

What income sources are used to set child support payments?

In California, both parents of a child are expected to financially support their offspring. If the child's parents are separated or divorced and living in separate households, then each may be ordered to provide child support for the benefit of their child. Generally, the parent who does not have primary physical custody of their child will be responsible for periodic payments of support to their child's other parent for the child's benefit.

Asset valuation is an important component of property division

An asset is a piece of property that is owned by someone. It can be real property, such as a parcel of land or a residential structure, or a piece of personal property, such as a work of art or a piece of fine jewelry. Some assets are intangible, like investment accounts, while others are controlled under the possession of their owners.

Joint custody: Parenting together after your divorce is final

Divorce is often most difficult for the young children in the family. California parents know that their kids will have to deal with the ramifications of the end of their marriage, but there are ways that they can minimize the negative impact of this decision. In some cases, parents may be able to resolve to work together to parent their children jointly.

How does legal custody differ from physical custody?

California parents often worry about their children. Even if their kids are well-adjusted, successful in school and thriving in their activities, their parents may have concerns about their health, happiness and well-being. It is natural for parents to want what is best for their children and to want to do whatever they can to provide love and support for their offspring.

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