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October 2017 Archives

What are the penalties for failing to pay child support?

Child support is the payment of money from one parent to the other for the benefit of their shared children. In California, the duty to financially support children is considered a parent's first priority, above other financial obligations and, in some cases, even above a parent's responsibility to phycially care for a child.

California parents may agree to extend child support

When California parents decide to end their marriages it is often their children who feel some of the deepest effects of the splits. The kids may be uncertain of what their future holds and may even question where they will live as their parents separate their lives and begin establishing two households where before there was only one. Although courts seek to protect the best interests of children when they make child custody and support decisions, parents can also take action and choose to support their kids as they transition out of childhood and into adulthood.

Some benefits from alternate paths to divorce

Conflict can be the root of a couple's problems and is often a contributing factor to their decision to divorce. It does not, however, have to be a driving force as the partners untangle their lives from each other and work to end their marriage. In California, couples may use Collaborative Process to bring their unions to their ends and the non-litigious process can have some unexpected benefits.

Do you have divorce questions? We have your answers.

Divorce is a relatively common occurrence here in California, as well as throughout the rest of the United States. Readers of this San Francisco-based family law blog may have experienced divorce firsthand or may have friends or relatives who have worked through their own divorce proceedings. While many people recognize that divorce ends marriages and divides their unified lives, they may not be familiar with the diversity of paths couples may take to bring their marriage to their ends.

Consider the prenup, and double check your provisions

There was a time in society when the prenuptial agreement was seen as a terrible and deceitful contract that few couples should ever even give a second thought. However, as the years have passed and people have begun to fully consider the ramifications not just of a prenuptial agreement, but of marriage and divorce in general, the prenuptial agreement has gained a lot of mainstream support. Couples now take these contracts seriously and realize the tremendous benefits that they offer.

What is collaborative law and how does it work in divorce?

Traditional divorce in the legal system is often a confrontational process that drains the parties of their energy and taxes their emotions as they struggle to make decisions about the end of their marriages. This difficult and sometimes overwhelming process is only one of the paths that a Californian may find themselves on if they should choose to pursue divorce. In California, divorce participants may elect to end their marriages through collaboration rather than confrontation.

Factors that California courts may consider during custody cases

Getting married and starting a family is one of the highlights of your life. It can be incredibly rewarding to fill one's home with love and laughter as relationships between parents and children strengthen and expand. For many in the Bay Area, minor hiccups in the happiness and stability of their family life may surface from time to time without causing major problems for the members of the households. However, for others disputes and conflict may drive irreparable breaks between spouses and lead once happily married partners to divorce.

Divorced parents may disagree on a child's schooling

If you are a parent who is divorced or seeking a divorce, you know that the daily decisions that go into managing your child's life are not always easy. When you and your spouse were happily married, agreeing on big decisions for your child wasn't as difficult, but now that the relationship has soured, these choices often involve attorneys, judges and paperwork.

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