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When should you choose mediation for your divorce?

Most assumptions surrounding divorce are about fighting with your spouse over money, property, parenting time, etc. But divorce does not have to be a continuous battle. You and your significant other have multiple options to address your separation healthily and peacefully.

One option includes mediation, a meeting where multiple parties work with a neutral third-party to discuss conflicts and find solutions that satisfy everyone’s goals. It is not the best option for every couple, but there are three main situations where mediation may work perfectly.

What you need to know about social media use during divorce

Social media (from Facebook to Instagram) is great for sharing pictures and updating friends and family on recent events. While going through a family law dispute or divorce, however, this changes. You must be careful what you post and consider how a judge would view a photo or comment at trial.

Facebook and other social media posts are playing a role in more divorce cases. The general rule of thumb is to stay off social media during a divorce. If that seems impossible, we have several tips in this post.

What are the emotional stages of divorce?

Everyone knows that a divorce is an extremely emotional experience to go through, but did you know that experts have actually identified emotional stages that are typically part of ending a relationship? If you are currently going through a divorce, knowing these stages can help you to normalize your experience and prepare yourself for what may come, from an emotional standpoint.

According to the article from Mediate.com, here are the six emotional stages of ending a relationship:

Gender fluidity and co-parenting

Co-parenting after a divorce can be difficult. The situation can become even more complex when parents disagree on how to parent a genderfluid child.

Gender fluidity occurs when a person does not identify as either a male or a female. Sometimes the preferred gender-neutral pronoun is they rather than he or she. According to CNN, close to 3 percent of youth in some states are now identifying as gender fluid. This can create a high point of conflict between divorced parents when they hold different views on the issue.

Considering divorce at the start of a new year? You’re not alone

Divorces can be devastating. However, if you are considering a divorce this time of year, you will not be alone. Attorneys often schedule more initial divorce consultations in January and February than other months of the year.

Why are there more divorces at the beginning of the year? Experts suggest several possible reasons.

Debt division and divorce: how mediation can help

Asset and debt division is one of the most contentious parts of many divorce proceedings. Even couples who’ve come to an amicable understanding about other issues (including child custody, spousal support, pet custody and more) may find themselves fighting about debt division. In a community property state, debts incurred during the marriage are usually divided equally by the court unless the parties come up with an alternative arrangement.

Creative arrangements are possible, though, wherein the parties agree to consider separate debts as part of a settlement in exchange for a different asset division scheme, or debts are split differently in exchange for more assets going to one party.

Legal separation versus divorce: key differences

The decision to divorce is a difficult and personal one. Sometimes, that decision is quick, with both partners willing to let the marriage go to move on. Other times, however, each can see benefits in remaining married even if they are no longer living together.

This post will discuss key differences between divorce and legal separation.

Is an uncontested divorce really possible?

A sad truth is that thousands and thousands of California couples divorce every year. After all, California has one of the highest divorce rates in the nation. It doesn’t mean that every divorce in our state ends up as a nasty, drawn-out event, though. In fact, most divorces are settled by the agreement of both parties.

It is possible for many couples to have an uncontested divorce, particularly if they don’t have a high level of conflict or a significant dispute about the law that would require court involvement to resolve. Any couple who are able to reach a settlement, even with the involvement of attorneys, can have an uncontested divorce.

Coping strategies during and after divorce

Divorce is, in a word, hard. It is stressful, even if it is uncontested or isn’t very complicated. There are myriad emotional, physical and financial ramifications to even the most basic divorce. This post will provide some coping strategies to help you get through this difficult time.

Accept your feelings, good and bad

Will divorce doom your startup?

Innovation goes hand in hand with new and exciting startup possibilities, and that has been a huge part of San Francisco’s growth over the years. However, the time and energy it takes to run a new enterprise can put a marriage in deep trouble.

As anyone who has ever worked in a startup knows, a company’s fortunes tend to depend on the owner’s every action. If those actions lead to divorce, the future of the company can hang in the balance. However, there are options for you to protect yourself and your business.

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