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When parties agree to participate in the mediation process, as an alternative to the litigation process, they are not giving up their right to legal representation and/or support.  Some of the objectives of mediation are to hear the concerns of each of the parties and reach a resolution that addresses those concerns.  The mediator has no authority to resolve issues.  The skilled mediator uses a process that is designed to assist the parties in reaching their own agreement. 

What happens if divorce mediation does not work for me?

Divorce mediation is an alternative process to a traditional courtroom divorce. It involves the divorcing parties coming together, discussing their expectations for their divorce and reaching durable, mutual agreements about how their lives will proceed once their marriage is over. In California, divorce mediation does not involve a judge or other third-party decision-maker; everything must be agreed between the parties. It is up to the spouses, with the help of their mediator, to move the process forward to a conclusion.  

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Divorce is a relatively common occurrence here in California, as well as throughout the rest of the United States. Readers of this San Francisco-based family law blog may have experienced divorce firsthand or may have friends or relatives who have worked through their own divorce proceedings. While many people recognize that divorce ends marriages and divides their unified lives, they may not be familiar with the diversity of paths couples may take to bring their marriage to their ends.

Mediators help alleviate the stress and uncertainly of a divorce

Going through a divorce is an extremely stressful time for any couple. There can be many unknowns that make the future uncertain and the individuals involved may not fully understand the process, leading to even more worry and stress. With so many things left up in the air, divorce mediation can allow couples to move forward in a level-headed manner, making decisions that are beneficial to everyone involved.

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